Differential Repair Diagnostics

Free Differential and Axle Diagnostic Service

At Ring & Pinion Service, we provide free differential or axle repair estimates. A quick conversation with the customer will usually determine the type of differential service or repair that is needed. If we have any doubt, we will test drive your vehicle before we prepare an estimate. Our differential experts will have a very good idea what needs to be done on your vehicle before we start. We don’t charge for diagnosis and estimates, but appointments are highly recommended if we will be test driving your vehicle.

Accurate Differential Repair Estimates

Our differential repair estimates are usually very accurate. In most cases we are able to correctly identify the scope of work on our original estimate and complete the repair within the estimated repair cost. Sometimes we even find we can do the job for less!

In some cases, however, initial disassembly will reveal broken parts or additional issues that weren’t apparent during the original estimate. In this case we provide a revised estimate based on the additional repairs needed, and the customer does have the right to decline the work at that time. If the customer does decline, we charge a nominal fee to put everything back together.

How Soon Do You Need Differential Repair Service?

Differentials, ring and pinion gear sets, axle shafts and bearings typically make noise if they have failed or are beginning to fail. Depending on the symptoms you are experiencing, driving the vehicle may cause further damage to additional differential or axle components. Give us a call to determine whether you need to come in immediately, or whether you should avoid driving any further. In some cases, we may recommend that you have the vehicle towed to our facility rather than driving it.
Here are some basic guidelines for diagnosing problems:

Ring & Pinion Service can help! We offer a Free Diagnostic Service and Accurate Repair Quotes.

We can help make sure you get the repairs you need, saving you the cost of additional repairs you don’t need. Contact our Service Professionals for an appointment today at (916)635-9665 or use our online appointment application.

For honest, professional and guaranteed differential repair, Ring & Pinion Service in Rancho Cordova is the answer!